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CV: Media:Chen-cv.pdf

Local Copy: Media:Chen-resume.pdf


Solving a weird Mysql Error on this site


Scalaz Notes

Notes from xuechuandachong

Other notes

Python Tips

Implement infix Haskell-style monad operation in Python

Fixes for pydbg

A Dict from Something with Duplicate Keys

JSon in Python

Understanding Monads

Implement infix Haskell-style monad operation in Python

Functor, Applicative, Monads in Python

Easy Python monads

Is this Pepsi affordable?

An opportunity-cost way to define "exchange" rate.

Vim tips

Vim: Copy from the system clipboard

Vim: Copy from other bash terminal

Leetcode in Python

Skills Summary


Analysis of Covert Application Behavior

In general, users are isolated from the inner-workings of software. The behavior of software is analogous to a “black box,” performing user-directed tasks in a predictable way. But this isolation of the inner-workings can foster both curiosity and suspicion of the goings-on “under the hood,” especially when the software is closed-source, as is the case with a majority of commercial software. When talking about behaviors of software from the outside perspective of the end user, concerns are raised about issues including memory leaks, data integrity, confidential, etc. This paper discusses several techniques for scrutinizing and eliciting covert behavior of applications at run-time. The procedures presented herein are demonstrated in the context of several specific scenarios, and can be generalized to the more general-purpose exploration of software behavior.

Network Bandwidth in Campus

In addition to the basic perfSonar infrastructure, I incorporated additional abilities for

  1. Parsing the output of the bandwidth testing program
  2. Long-term pattern recognition support through the inclusion of historical information using a combination of a MySQL database and the RRDtool for trend visualization
  3. Generate plots from rrdtool databases. These additions to the base perfSonar capabilities can automate the trending analysis.

Handcrafted ICMP Tunnel

Poor students pray for WiFi and they search for WiFi. They search for WiFi and found a few ones seem no authentication needed. The student chose one for connection. The student saw an IP assigned and ping Google to see DNS. The student brought up a webpage. It showed it is an AT&T one, still need an account.

Compiler For Klein Language

This is a course project developed by Keisha Harthoorn, Robert Main and I.

UDP File Transfering

UDP is not robust for this use. So adding a sliding window.

Amazon Cloud System Administration

  1. This server (Yes, right this one.) is an Amazon ec2 micro instance server(Debian) running two wiki sites with two domain names and a mail server with domain name :
  2. A group project. We implemented a mail server, a web server, an authentication server, a name service server and a monitoring server.


The old Metagoofil is not completed. I rewrote that with my teammates with a totally new mechanism and a GUI interface.

Test Oracle Project

Help developers write better test oracles.

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