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What is pydbg?

Pydbg is part of PaiMei Project. PaiMei is a reverse engineering framework consisting of multiple extensible components.

Pydbg offers a large variety of python interfaces for debugging, e.g. setting hard/soft breaking point, hooking.

Get essentials

svn checkout paimei-read-only

The standard windows distribution has no c compilers. If you don't have VC, MinGW is a good light weight one. A c compiler is needed when installing the python files above.

  • Hint: When you wanna change the PATH of your system, you need reboot it so as to let it make effects.
  • These things depend on your system. WxPython might not be on your system. You may download them if you are

prompted to get them.

Fix several problems and intall it on my box

It is said that pydbg became not maintained since 2006. There are some blogs showing how to install pydbg with python 2.4 or 2.5.
This time I will install it with python 2.7 on Win7

The bug in the code

In pydbg/ Change class Structure:

class Structure: